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2015 is going to be a big year... Are you ready?

There is a lot going on around here laterly. 2014 review and reflection, and consideration and planning for 2015. I have been back in the studio (ever so briefly) and it is my promise to myself to get there more regularly this year and mix up lots of creative magic.

I continue to journal and make art which continues to nourish my creative flow. This morning I am heading to the country to spend the night with a friend on her property as she prepares to sell. We will be clearing out her art space and will no doubt make a little art along the way. If I find some stones, I may even do some painting.

My word for the year is flourish. This year is a year about growth and expansion for me. I am excited about my business and my creative goals. I am not usually very good at planning, so this is one of my challenges for this year. I have lots of things in mind, it's about pulling them all together.

What about you? What are you planning?

Do you have a 'word of the year'? What is it?

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