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“It was amazing to learn about myself
in such a creative medium. Jacinta was
a great communicator
& facilitator."  

Julie, Workshop Participant.

“I liked being able to set an intention and work with it during the process.

Jacinta was very friendly and had good knowledge about art therapy. Very well organised and professional.

Enjoyed so much.
Thank you."  


“Jacinta made me feel comfortable and also cared and respected our privacy to share information."  

Helen, Workshop Participant.

“Jacinta and Cathy provided a workshop that I found enjoyable and interesting. They explained at the beginning what was going to happen during the workshop which helped me feel less anxious about something that was new to me.

Both displayed good listening and empathy towards everyone and gave positive and thoughtful comments after people had opened up with their feelings.

Both revealed their own feelings and thoughts which made the participants comfortable with doing the same."  

Maggie, Workshop Participant.

“Workshop was heart warming, inclusive & supportive."  

Liz, Workshop Participant.

“Super well organised. Loved the comments and observations about the arts and attention to how people were reacting through the workshop and their experiences.

Very supportive.

Thank you."  

Anastasia, Workshop Participant.

“Jacinta is very empathetic, encouraging and non-judgemental. I enjoyed the workshop very much."  

Tracy, Workshop Participant.

“The workshop gave me a sense of childhood memories from painting. Jacinta gave me a warm and kind energy. Also very proactive and positive."  

Billye, Workshop Participant.

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